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 Raith demorre

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PostSubject: Raith demorre   Mon Nov 26, 2007 6:43 am

Names: Raith Demorre

School/ Job: Auoror

Age: 19

Height: 6'6

Build: Lean but powerfull

Sex: Male


Father: His real father was murdered by Jacqamo a vampire, who sired Raith since Raith was raised By Jacqamo who works with Fenrir Greyback.

Brother(s): Gabriel Demorre who is missing, he was taken the same night by Fenrir as Raith Was Jacqamo.


Other: Sired By Jacqamo


Death Eater: For the past two years he has been loyal only to the dark lord

Order Member: No



Half blood:Pure when he was human but now he is a vampire

Pure Blood: Once when he was 18

Muggle Born: no


Personality: Or thogh a reveared Vampire Raiith is shy and timid, he can be harsh to those who he see's as below him, he hates muggles and mudbloods with a passion, he jumps at the chance to puncture a throat or cast a death curse.

Good Points: He is loyal and determined

Bad Points:he is visious and hates most around him

Likes: Blood and solitude

Hates:most people


Hair: black hair middle length, usually tied back

Skin: very pale

Eyes: a very light grey

Cloths: he wears a tuxedo and a long black cloack


Crush: no one at this time

Married: no

Other: there was once his sire but he's dead staking is such a messy buissness


Werewolf:his brother is but not he

Werecat: no

Elemental: A Shadow and Fire Master

Vampire: yes

House Elf: KILL DOBBY oops to late

Half Demon: no

Ghost: no

Other: no


Character History and Other information...

He had a happy life with his family had good prospects of a place at durmstarngs but due to the attack on his family he dropped school to look for his brother he knew harriate riddle who taught him elemental powers he practiced hard till he became a marster of shadow and fire


RP post Example

Raith stood on the edge of hogsmead just looking in hesitant of going in, he whispered to himself "i dont know gabriel it seems odd" he had a habit of talking of his brother even when he wasnt there, he sighed and took a step
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PostSubject: Re: Raith demorre   Mon Nov 26, 2007 6:44 am

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Raith demorre
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