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 Poison Ivy

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Poison Ivy


Number of posts : 37
Name : Ivy
Age : wouldn't you like to know?
Creature : Succubus Demon/Vampire
Registration date : 2008-06-07

PostSubject: Poison Ivy   Sat Jun 07, 2008 11:08 am

Characters Name
First Name: Poison
Second Name: Ivy
Middle Name: N/A

Age: Older then you care to know
Year: N/A

Hair Colour: Deep midnight black
Hair Style: straight ocassional waves
Hair Length: Below shoudler
Eye Colour: A Golden colour resembling fire
Skin colour: pale
Nationality: english
Height (aprox) 6'2
Build: Hevay chested, slim perfectly curved


Top Half: tight leather boob tube (revealing) although straps, often a simple leather jacket to completle
Bottom Half: tight leather hip hugging trousers
Shoes: Black boots.

Gryffindor: -
Ravenclaw: -
Hufflepuff: -
Slytherin: Yes more or less
Blood: demonic?

Muggle Born: -
Pureblood: in some sense
Mixed blood: -

Mother: unknown
Other: idependant

Helping:not as much
Giving:Oh yes..
Mean:most of the time
Stubborn: pretty much
Big headed:part of nature
Sad: no

Pros and Cons
What are they best at: seduction
What are they worse at: nothing
fears: none really
Likes: Men, Blood, pleasure, sex, tourmenting, teasign often breaking hearts and splitting up couples

Future unclear.
Death Eater: Supose so
Order Member:
Job: Succubus

Main Friends:
Boy friends:
Girl Friends:

Character history (history of the Succubus)
In Western medieval legend, a succubus (plural succubi) or succuba (plural succubae) is a demon, who takes the form of a beautiful woman to seduce men, especially monks in dreams to have sexual intercourse. They draw energy from the men to sustain themselves, often until the point of exhaustion or death of the victim. From mythology and fantasy, Lilith and the Lilin (Jewish) and Lilitu (Sumerian) are in redactive Christian fables (folktales not part of official Christian theology), considered succubi.

Personal History: Very little can be said for my said Past, i recall vaguely i used to be Human, i was dieing of the Spanish Influenza when, although this may sound impossible i belived i had fallen in Hell, there i met King Lucifer he gave me an oppotunity i could not turn down the power of A Succubus, so i was to become one, by name, by reputation by being, and so i still am to this day, the only favour he asked is that i send him what energy i gain, before my so said death, once in death i was rained a Vampire, so here i am

Education: Little can be said for such education

Personality and appearence: The Appearance Of We Succubi Varies, But In General We Are Depicted As Alluring Women With Great beauty (You Are A Fool To Ignor It), Often With Demonic Batlike Wings, And Large Breasts; We Also Have Other Demonic Features, Such As Horns And Cloven Feet. Occasionally We Tend To Appear As An Attractive Woman In Dreams That Our Victim Cannot Seem To Get Off His Mind. I lure Males And In Some Cases, The Male Has Seemed To Fall "In love" With Me Or Us. Even Out Of The Dream I Shall Not Leave His Mind. I Will Remain There Slowly Draining Energy From Him Until Death By Exhaustion. Others Say I Will Steal The Male's Soul Through The Act Of Intercourse. We Shall See Won't We? But i rather appear as sucah a femenine beauty as i am, hmm what elses? ah my personality is some what outgoing dare i say big headed, i often hide my eye of a buring flame behind shaded glasses, you will soon find out my said Personalty in time..
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Number of posts : 1014
Age : 28
Name : Harriate Riddle
Age : 17
Creature : Elemental, werewolf
Registration date : 2007-11-22

PostSubject: Re: Poison Ivy   Sat Jun 07, 2008 11:17 am


In a world full of a world full of conflict..your the one who keeps me are where i belong.
I Love you Mei procer
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Poison Ivy
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