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 Morgan Rowlands

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Morgan Rowlands

Number of posts : 313
Name : Morgan Rowlands
Age : 17
Creature : Blood Witch, wiccan- elemental
Registration date : 2007-11-24

PostSubject: Morgan Rowlands   Sat Nov 24, 2007 3:15 pm

Characters Name
First Name: Morgan
Second Name:Rowlands/Riordan/Byrne
nick name: Morganita or night owl


Hair Colour: Browny red almost
Hair Style: plain and straight
Hair Length: down to bum
Eye Colour: warm hazle brown
Skin colour: pale
Other: scar on top half in the shape of a dagger
Nationality:American more exact
Height: (aprox)5'7"
Build: medium

Top Half: normally baggy jumper and and vest underneath, nothing special
Bottom Half: cords also mormally or faded blue jenes
Shoes: trainers

clan: Woodbane, little Leapvaughn

Blood unsure
Muggle Born: at first thought so
Mixed blood: yes

Mother: Maeve Riordan
Father: Ciaran McEwan
Brothers:half brother Killian (lady's man)
Sisters: adopted sister Mary Kathleen (mary K)
Granddad: unknown
Other: Sean, Mary-Grace, Mary Kathleen Rowlands, Margaret (and family), Eileen and Paula (adopted family); Maeve Riordan and Ciaran McEwan (biological parents); Angus Bramson (step dad), Dagda (cat)

Nice: always
Understanding: most of the time
Giving: often
Mean: hardly never
Selfish: Hardly
Stubborn: ocassionally
Big headed: not really
Snotty: no
Sad: sometimes

pros and cons
What are they best at: elemental magic especially fire,hardest of them all
What are they worse at: making decisions in life or death situations
fears: being close to someone.
Likes: Diet Coke, magick, my family or adopted family, my coven, being a healer, my cats cats, muirn beatha dan(soul mate) who ever that is
Dislikes: Ciaran and his family (except Killian), anyone who tries to hurt her or her friends and family (such as Lillith Delany)

Death Eater:
Order Member:
Neither: not really sure where i belong

Main Friends: Lillith Delany, Bree
Boy friends:
Girl Friends:

Character history

Education: still need to be educated in the arts of wicca

Morgn was adopted when she was 3 months old into the family of Sean, Mary-Grace, Mary Kathleen Rowlands, Margaret (and family), Eileen and Paula due to her Step dad Angus Bramson and bilogical Mother Maeve Riorden's death they where burnt to death in a barn, the fire was casued by her birth father Ciaran McEwan out of jelousy shortly after there death Ciaran went into hiding only to show up later on once Morgans full potential had been reached.

years passed as soon as Morgan reached the age of 17 her life changed dramatically she was expriencing dreams that where almost visions and she felt them looking into her unatural talent she discoverd her true heritage of her being a Blood witch with, her mother and father from diffrent clans who hated each other, war often broke out between the two clans, she too discorved that she carried power that often came once every few centries thus targeitng her for two paths tipping the balance between light and dark a path of disruction or a path of re-building as the dreams persisted she grew scared and isolated kepping herself to her self hoping soon someone would show her the true ways of her power soo then she discoved she could transform into that of either a owl or a white wolf she often didn't like changing, only twice had she done so her half-brother had shown her how to transform after there meeting of pure conicedence, later that month her half-brother Killian-son of Ciaran and his newly wed wife- after mettinf her father things had started to change beginning to show her the full picture and not just fragments. Her life had only jut begun.

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Number of posts : 1014
Age : 28
Name : Harriate Riddle
Age : 17
Creature : Elemental, werewolf
Registration date : 2007-11-22

PostSubject: Re: Morgan Rowlands   Sat Nov 24, 2007 3:23 pm


In a world full of a world full of conflict..your the one who keeps me are where i belong.
I Love you Mei procer
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Morgan Rowlands
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