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 Blade Serpentine

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PostSubject: Blade Serpentine   Wed Jun 18, 2008 5:27 am

Name: Blade Serpentine
Nicknames: Blade
Gender: male
Birthday: April 7th 1990
Wand: oak with unicorn hair 8 inches
Romantic Affiliation: ...
Blood: orphan
Hometown: London, England

Height: 5'9
Eyes/Vision/Glasses: blue
Hair: mousey
Complexion: Pale.
Build: Thin.
Hearing: good
Left/Right/Ambidextrous: ambi

Blade is a guy who loves to fight. He is always carrying as many weapons on him as possible. Hence the name. He is very loyal to a few people and should anyone hurt his 'family' he would defend them to the death

Phobias/Fears: fire
Mental Health: a good way
Likes:fighting, fighting..and oh yeah...fighting
Dislikes: snobs
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PostSubject: Re: Blade Serpentine   Wed Jun 18, 2008 5:30 am


In a world full of a world full of conflict..your the one who keeps me are where i belong.
I Love you Mei procer
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Blade Serpentine
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