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 Eloise Lawrence

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Eloise Lawrence


Number of posts : 7
Age : 30
Name : Eloise Lawrence
Age : 19
Creature : Durid/Normal
Registration date : 2008-07-08

PostSubject: Eloise Lawrence   Tue Jul 08, 2008 12:48 pm

Names: Eloise Lawrence
School/ Job: none
Age: 19
Height: 5'
Build: average height, pretty thin
Sex: female
Mother: Natlie Cooper
Father: Edward Lawrence

Death Eater:
Order Member:
Other: netural
Half blood:
Pure Blood: yes
Muggle Born:
Personality: Eloise is particually emotional, and sensitive, she has a gift to talking to animals, although she is one person she has a split personality, meanign there are two people inside of her, rather so she is a schizophrenic, and it can often be set of by small things, she often prefers the company of animals.

Good Points: she is caring and considerate at times

Bad Points: easily angured and being a schizophrenic

Likes: to be alone with the animals and genrally nature,

Hates: Traitors, Liers, her other half and even her parents.
Hair: long, mainly blonde but she dyes it many colours
Skin: faily pale but average
Eyes: brown
Cloths: tom boy type
Other: she is considerd as a tom boy, and has a rather unique dress sence
Crush: None
Married: None
Other: None
House Elf:
Half Demon:
Other: relativly normal close to Druid.
Character History and Other information: at the age of 10 she her bilogical father left his mother, and there was a few years when it was jsut her and her mother, then a while after at the age 12, her mother found another partner, though it turned out worse then she thought, during the night her father used to come into her room and sexually abuse her, he threated her with the thought of her mother, she was too afraid to talk to anyone, and ended up isolated from people, this continued for a year then she started showing signs of her Schizophrenic personality, she rarely saw her real father, she offten talked to her stuffed toys, then one night, she listend to herself and run away, from home she was rendered homeless for a good 3 years before she was found jibbering, she attacked the police officer and run away to the woods where she stay a year, developing her talent to talk to the animals, one day when she was wondering she came across the alliance...
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Number of posts : 1014
Age : 28
Name : Harriate Riddle
Age : 17
Creature : Elemental, werewolf
Registration date : 2007-11-22

PostSubject: Re: Eloise Lawrence   Wed Jul 09, 2008 4:35 am


In a world full of a world full of conflict..your the one who keeps me are where i belong.
I Love you Mei procer
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Eloise Lawrence
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