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Name : Harriate Riddle
Age : 17
Creature : Elemental, werewolf
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PostSubject: TORTURE CLASS   Wed Aug 06, 2008 3:13 pm

Harriate made her way into the room which would now serve as the torture classroom. Whilst she knew not many would be able to complete this class and it was very much against the law she knew it was the best way to get information out of people.
Instead of hanging posters of torutre methods on the wall she flicked her wand putting up ruby red curtains and a nice warm rug on the floor. Pulling a small box out of her pocket she unshrunk it, growing to almost seven foot tall.
Opening the door of the box revealed a tall metal staue of a Iron Maidan.

In a world full of a world full of conflict..your the one who keeps me are where i belong.
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