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 Hunter Niall (a.k.a Giomanach)

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Hunter Niall


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Name : Hunter Niall
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PostSubject: Hunter Niall (a.k.a Giomanach)   Sat Sep 06, 2008 1:57 pm

Name: Hunter Niall (Giomanach- Coven Name)

Age: 20

Year: n/a

Social Status Married to Pandora Gryffindor.

Wand: Doesn't tend to use wand often only when nessisary 12" Holly with grains of Willow, light, supple

Blood: Pure blood, Blood Witch

Sex: Male

Description: he is Particually tall, thin and lean with short spiky ruffled blonde hair and vivid green eyes often reffered to as the colour of spring grass, he normally wears a white shirt and faded blue jenes, with the birth mark of his clan postioned below the belt.

Family History: Hunter is more or less the old witch studing and using old witch ways of Wicca wich the modern day magic was created from his Mother and Father are from seprate Clans both that at one time where at war them being Woodbane and Wydenkell, his father was from the Woodbane clan his Mother from the Wydenkell. His Father Daniel Niall before meeting his Mother Fiona had another son with another woman called Selene belltower and together they had a son called Cal Blaire who he, Hunter dispised greatly one an other after finding this out many years later when Hunter met Cal for the first time, when Fiona and Daniel got together after Daniel was away on business did he meet Fiona and they became joined (husband and wife) they soon raised another two children by the names of Linden (son/brother) and Alwyn (daughter/Sister), His mother was a decendant of a long line of Veela hedritory his father knowledgeable in many arts his fathers past is still however hazy often people had said he was mad.

Character History:
Hunter was born in Scotland but his family soon moved to England where he was born and raised, soon when he was old enough to go to school he learnt many things in fact he had two teachings one of the usal school things the other being the ways of magic and Wicca he himself is 1/2 Woodbane and 1/2 Wydenkell with a mixture of Veela involved His mother called Fiona belonged to the Wydenkell and his Father called Daniel belonged to the Woodbane clan, belived to be evil so people say. up till the age of 7 however it changed His mother and father left with no word all that was left was a leug (stone) that his father had left under his pillow whilst he slept, then Hunter was alone to care for his brother and sister both younger then him his sister Alwyn and his brother Linden.

a while later his Aunt and Uncle called Beck Eventide a strong and serious man, and Hunters Aunt Shelagh Eventide together took him and his siblings in and provided a shelter and food but they wernt the sort to look after Hunter and his Brother and Sister, however they had a daughter called Sky Eventide who Hunter became close to also, all the While him and Sky remained close no matter how Persistant Sky was she could not get much out of Hunter although they looked after each other in turn he only truely did he eventually spill his secrets to Sky with his hopes and fears. As the years passed Hunter was still loaded with information and studying for his intiation into his Uncles clan which Sky helped Hunter study for once intiated it was clear Hunter pocessed a strong will for learning and for the age of 10 he was indeed very mature and wise and so he was given his coven name "Giomanach" meaning Hunter for wich was very fitting given what was to come.

After still months of resentless studying Hunter knew of a way to contact his parents for his Uncle never spoke to him for the reason they dissapeared consulting Sky of his longing for his parents they came up with trying his theroy out, one night calling upon the Tabiths also know as dark evil spirits of the underworld he and his brother Linden sort out answers but his Uncle intervened and clouted Hunter due to his selfish need to contact his parents, of course Hunter was still young and didn't understand his Uncles outburst for a week later it was soon clear, for his brother Linden called upon the tabiths using a blood giving Liden was weak and inexprience and the Tabiths soon led to his younger brothers death from which Hunter tried to prevent, when he awoke after a week of sleeping in a semi conscious state Hunter took full resposibilty for this although many did not blame him he saw it to be his fault and then from there on he dedicated his life to the Ministry seeking forgiveness and in attempt to stop others from suffering the fate his brother did. Later he was granted position as Auror In the Ministry his job being to stop all thouse who misused the art or who where loyal to he-who-must-not-be-named after the retirement of the previous head of the Auror apartment Hunter was then appointed the new head of Auror's and it's department. with the help and surrport from his Cousin Sky he appointed for a postion to teach at hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizadry to teach "history Of Magic" for he found it important that others leant of the old ways and also what danger still lingured..

Role Play Example:
Hunter entered through the doors of Hogwarts for the first time he was taken-aback by the fill of magic and history, he loved magic and all that resolved to come with it, he nodded and smiled brightly to a few passing students who had greeted him with a wave and what sounded like a giggle he hoped that him being half Veela did not effect his teaching satus although he evaulated that it could prove usefull, an escaped laugh left his lips as he thought of this he had never taught before, nothing big such as a school he had only taugt small groups, walking still he entered the hall which was enough to take his breath away the mass of students only alittle younger then him say, 17 talked and laughed with the air of new beggings he let out alow whistle it was truely a new beggining..
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PostSubject: Re: Hunter Niall (a.k.a Giomanach)   Sun Sep 07, 2008 5:03 am


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Hunter Niall (a.k.a Giomanach)
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