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 Pandora Gryffindor Niall

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Pandora Gryffindor

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Name : Pandora Gryffindor-Niall
Age : 23
Creature : Witch
Registration date : 2007-11-28

PostSubject: Pandora Gryffindor Niall   Sun Sep 07, 2008 8:31 am

Head Mistress of Hogwarts

Pandora Katarina Gryffindor..I am Godric Gryffindor's, Great Grandaughter. Albus Dumbledore was my Godfather. He was like the father I never had. Devasted and now left alone and full of revenge, I hunt DE's and the Horcrux's to destroy them both.
After graduating from Hogwarts I took a job as an auror. I was disgusted with the way they ran the Ministry and took my leave. I then... on Dumbledores orders left London and traveled around the world further educating myself on magic and the defence against the dark arts as well as studying other culture's in the magical world around the globe. Now called back by Dumbledore and finding it's time to put all I have learned into play, to protect the choosen one and rejoin the Order. I live in my inherited home of Godric Gryffindor's in Godrics Hollow.

I traveled alot when I was younger to futher educate was a very big part of my could compare me to Hermione as a young witch. Now ? years old and trying to figure out where my life should take me, not knowing how to really live life. Always have been so into furthering her knowledge in preperation of the upcoming war.. I was born a soldier of the Order and will die one.

Pandora's Stats
~Age: 23, but you'll never really know, as she is a Potions Mistress. Her true age is never revealed.
~Blood: Pure Blood,
~Hieght: 5'7,
~Alliance: Order of the Phoenix,
~Looks: Dark long hair, that falls in soft curls around her shoulders, Though she keeps it up on her head when working with one soft curl falling to the side. Green eyes with long lashes. ~Talents: Potions and DADA,
~Jobs: Ex. Auror, ex-Potion Mistress, Order of the Phoenix and Currently Head Mistress, Transfiguration.
~Animagi: Black Panther with green eyes. I retain my human thoughts when I transfigure...unlike a Anamagus
~Patronus: Phoenix
~ Social Status: Married to Hunter Niall, He has my heart. I love him more than anything.
We have three children. Christian crouch and our twins Linden and Isabella.

~Personality: Honorable and very loyal and hard headed. She is not afraid to put herself in danger or a bad situation to save a friend. Do not be fooled by her kind heart and her beauty...she is a very fierce witch who can hold her own in any situation. And can have a terrible temper if she is hurt or betrayed. She protects all those that she loves and will diffiently kill over them. She's not beyond throwing the killing curse if she needs to. She will do what ever she has to in any situation and is smart enough to know what measure should be taken. But beware if you have hurt her or someone she loves. Your life may very well be in danger.

~Freinds: All of those in the Order. Best friend: Remus Lupin and Tonks.
~Married to, Hunter Niall
~Family: I have a set of twins with my husband..Linden and Isabella...12 months old. I have a 11 yr old son with Barty Crouch Jr. His name is Christian Gryffinodr Crouch.

~Other: I have excelled in making potions. There is not a potion I cannot make. Due to my potion skills I am known as a healer to my friends. I have also worked at St Mungo's as a healer. I perfected potions when I was a student, so my friend Remus would never have to suffer another full moon. As she learned how to make the Wolfsbane potion earlier than most. I am also good at Transfiguration...I am a Animagi.

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Name : Harriate Riddle
Age : 17
Creature : Elemental, werewolf
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PostSubject: Re: Pandora Gryffindor Niall   Sun Sep 07, 2008 8:39 am


In a world full of a world full of conflict..your the one who keeps me are where i belong.
I Love you Mei procer
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Pandora Gryffindor Niall
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